Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Event: I crew on "Sarah Anne" with Skipper Don Person; 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (5 hrs on the water)
w/ Pat Brannan, and others
Winds: 3-5kts of good consistent blow
Weather: Beautiful day! Sunshine all the way . . . shirt-sleeve Sailing is the best kind.
  Today was my first sail aboard a P-15 (and only my fourth time out on a sail boat, ever!)

 Course of the day (10-19-2005)We sailed out of the Grand Street Ramp, (Alameda, CA,) out the estuary beyond Jack London Square and back, east of Coast Guard Island for lunch at Quinn’s Lighthouse, Oakland, with several other Potter folks . . . good restaurant, good food, and good company!

 Don was a great mentor for my first outing on board a Potter P-15. Don reinforced much of what I had learned in Basic Keel Boat Sailing. I came away feeling more confident with regard to channel markers and navigational aids following Don's little instructional lecture on the water. Don allowed me the tiller for the day while he played with the sails. I am anxious to get my Potter out on the water and get started on developing my sailing skills! The adventure begins . . .