Date: Sunday November 6, 2005
Event: Lazy Ka's maiden voyage; out of Oakland Aquatic Center to sail the estuary); 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (5 hrs on the water)
w/ All by myself--solo; Potter friends were sailing the delta out of Stockton.
Winds: 1-3 knots with broken cloud cover and isolated storms over the west bay and peninsula (I never got wet.)
Weather: Cloud cover, but warm and comfy!
  A GREAT first outing . . . I couldn't ask for better conditions.

For my first time out on my own, I chose to keep it simple and sail just one foresail. All went well, albeit slow. The prevailing winds allowed me to sail on a reach virtually all day, but I varied my course enough to sight-see along both sides of the estuary. 1:00 PM found me beyond buoy #6 a couple of miles south of Yerba Buena Island.

My return took me close to Middle Harbor Regional Park for a closer look (I didn't even know it was there.) Lots of folks watching the boats . . . and boats, like me, watch the folks. Back at the Aquatic center, Lazy Ka was out of the water without mishap; one launch-one recovery!

I can do this; I'm a sailor!!