Date: Sunday February 12, 2006
Event: Foster City Lagoon); 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM (6.5 (long) hrs on the water)
w/ Don Person, Dave Kautz, Pat Morrissy
Winds: 1/2 knot (or less) off and on . . . very light.
Weather: Beautiful and bright. Sunshine with very high stratus cover.
  Dave Kautz (Tilly Lucy) and Jerry Kergan (Lazy Ka) West Wight Potter P-15's (Photo: Don Person)Today was ABSOLUTELY the lightest air that I've experienced to date; and hopefully will be the last such.

On the water from Foster City Boat Park (Foster City Blvd at Bounty Dr.) just after 10:00 PM. I quickly found that I'd have to keep a paddle at the ready as the light blow (tongue-in-cheek) would frequently die away as I approached the shore.Me and "Lazy Ka," my West Wight Potter P-15 on the lagoon at Foster City, CA (Photo: Don Person) The paddle would then have to be used to turn the boat and prevent ending up on the rocks. I had to paddle the last 50 yards to the dock at our restaurant.

Lunch was at the Foster city Chevy's Restaurant. Our return trip started with some consistent air but died away, to almost nothing, Dane Kautz (Tilly Lucy) and Don Person (Sarah Anne,) their West Wight Potter P-15's (Photo: Jerry Kergan)quickly. The VERY slow sail back to our ramp ended with another 50 yard paddle in to the dock . . . this is NOT the kind of sailing I took this up for . . .

Since returning home, I've had a chance to think about the day's winds. It seems that Lunch break for West Wight Potter P-15's (Photo: Jerry Kergan)what little air flow that we had was likely a convection caused by air rising from the paved parking lots and streets of the neighborhoods that boarder the lagoon. This would account for the ever-constant change in apparent direction of air-flow as I approached the openings between buildings.