Date: Saturday March 18, 2006
Event: Emeryville to Treasure Island; 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (5 hrs on the water)
w/ Solo
Winds: The day started near calm. Though forecasts called for 8-10 knots, the afternoon winds were probably closer to 25 knots.
Weather: Virtually no clouds, but Chilly all day. Broke out my foul weather gear for the first time.
  Mt Tamalpias from "Lazy Ka" (Photo: Jerry Kergan)I feel my skills were challenged by the conditions of the day. This was my first sail out into mid-San Francisco bay.

In light air out of Emeryville Marina, I made a succession of increasingly longer tacks taking my out t6oward Treasure Island. As the clock closed on 1:00 PM, the winds coming through the Gate beginNew bridge taking shape (Photo: Jerry Kergan) to build considerably. THIS IS SAILING!. Along the way I encountered Dave Meredith in his Com-Pac 19. I had met Dave on my sail as crew on Pat Malone's "Festina Lente" on October 30th of last year.

At times I sailed beneath the under-construction Bay Bridge, taking a picnic lunch aboard in the shelter of Yerba Buena Island. Back under sail, my last tack on a Northerly course along the Eastern shore of Treasure Island, continuedThe new and the old of the Oakland Bay Bridge. (Photo: Jerry Kergan) me out into the central bay for the first time. I learned of the shelter offered by Treasure Island in spite of it's flat geography and low skyline . . . what a thrill to feel Lazy Ka responding to the strong winds! 

I then  turned east for a 30 minute run with the wind at my back to Emeryville Channel, the marina beyond, and haul-out.