Date: Sunday March 26, 2006
Event: From Grand Street ramp, Alameda around Alcatraz Island and return10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (7 hrs on the water)
w/ Don Person, Dave Kautz, Mike Swartz, and Dave Meredith picked up along the way.
Winds: Maximum winds for the day were slightly in excess of 10 knots.  Experienced 2-3 foot swells at various places around the bay today; also experienced 'following seas' for the first time . . . It made boat control very difficult.
Weather: Sunshine and shirt sleeves!
  In both time a distance, This is my longest sail to date! I estimate over 16 miles, thrown in the tacks, and the trip was likely well over 20 miles.

Don Person (Sarah Anne) motoring past USCGC 'Sherman' (WHEC 720) (Photo: Jerry Kergan)Following Dave's lead, we motor-sailed down the estuary to about Middle Harbor before turning to sail only. Out of the estuary, we set a tacking course under the San Francisco bay suspension bridge, west of Yerba Buena, and on toward Daylight under the bow of Dave Meredith (Photo: Jerry Kergan)Alcatraz.. Along the way we encountered Dave Meredith who stayed with us to Alcatraz Island.

Dave Kautz, Mike and Don cut a course south of Alcatraz; as I followed, I sailed into the wind shadow of the eastern side of the island; with the outgoing current carrying meSan Francisco Bay Bridge & city skyline from "Lazy Ka" (Photo: Jerry Kergan) closer than I wanted to be. To recover, I turned north to gain wind and sailed around the island. On the west side, I set a course for Don's sails visible near San Francisco's Aquatic Park. Another 15 minutes passed before I realized that Don Person and Mike Swartz making for Alcatraz (Photo: Jerry Kergan)I was still moving toward the Gate on the outgoing tide. A course change corrected this situation, but made for VERY slow going.

In the shelter of the San Francisco waterfront I made my way to the Ferry Building. I sailed close-in past the marina, Aquatic Park, Fisherman's Wharf, and Pier 39. As I neared the Ferry Building, the other Potters were nowhere to be seen. Thinking that others were out of site behind Yerba Island, I set off for Alameda for the estuary and home port.

We had to manouver around the "Hannover Express" being docked at the Inner harbor terminal. (Photo: Jerry Kergan)Sailing up the estuary I encountered a container ship being maneuvered into the terminal; what a breathtaking sight. A couple of hundred yards short of the ramp, I look back down the estuary to see Don's distinctive sails coming up behind. I was just out of the water as the rest of the group arrived at the Grand Street dock.