Date: Sunday April 23, 2006
Event: From Grand Street ramp, Alameda, to Jack London Square & the Oakland Boat Shaw, and Quinn's Lighthouse for lunch (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (5 hrs on the water)
w/ Pat Brannan, Pat Malone, Rich McDevitt, and Mike & Janet Dolan.
Winds: Winds from 3 knots to over 10 knots made for some wind-driven wave action.
Weather: Overcast most of the day; dark clouds a-plenty seemed to threaten rain most of the day. But we never saw a drop.
  I arrived at the Grand Street ramp early as I wanted to try my Lapper for the first time. This means allowing some time to swap the furler from the Jib to the Lapper. Pat Brannan arrived just as I was finishing with my rigging; we were launched and sailing by 9:00 am with the plan to return to the dock around 10:00 to see if there were any others joining us.

Pat Malone's keel became troublesome at launch time (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)Pat Malone was well to getting launched on our return to Grand Street, but ran into trouble as his swing-keel had jumped it's pin during transport; the (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) boat was hung up on the trailer. Pat and I came in to lend a hand. With considerable brainstorming, some material cannibalized from my trailer a all the brute strength we could muster, we managed to lift the boat and reset the keel (pictures below). While the Pats & I labored with the keel problem, Rich McDevitt and Mike & Janet Dolan showed up The Pat's getting ahead of the problem while I document it on film.  (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)giving us a total fleet of five P-15s. We were back in our boats before 11:00 am.

The moderate winds for the day were a fairly consistent with occasional gusts and lulls to keep things interesting. I managed to embarrass myself nicely during one of these lulls. . . I was sailing past the open dock at the boat show, in front of hundreds of sailors, when the wind suddenly died;Oakland Boat Show and the dock of my embarrassment (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) wave action then pushed me over to the dock. This would have been a good landing if it was where I wanted to be. With the help of fellow on the dock, who pushed my bow out for a smooth recovery. I can only pray that not everybody was watching.

Pat Malone's Festina Lente sporting a new blue jib.  (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)Love that Lapper! it is one heck of a sail . . . and really looks big up against the Jib/Foresail flying off the pulpit. I found this combination really moved Lazy Ka close hauled or on a reach. But during light wind it was too much sail and weather helm became a problem. It was nice, however, to be able to furl in the Lapper and sail the smaller foresail when conditions dictated.

Lunch at Quinn's Lighthouse was delightful in the company of Potter friends I chose to make it an early dinner and would coast through the evening.Rich McDevitt and Mike & Janet Dolan (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

While Pat Malone decided to motor back to Grand Street, the rest of us chose the challenge of sailing into the building afternoon winds and the incoming afternoon tide. This combination made for slow-going further complicated by the low-tide shallows on the Coast Guard Island side of the channel. With the relatively shallow draft of our Potters, we can usually, cautiously, venture outside the channel. But not today. I was the last to arrive back at Grand Street a little after 4:00 pm, on the road by 5:00 pm, and home before six.