Date: Saturday & Sunday April 29 & 30, 2006
Event: I skipper "Lazy Ka" (solo) Berryessa Marina Resort, Lake Berryessa, Napa County, CA.
Saturday: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM (9 hrs on the water.)
Sunday: 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM (9 hrs on the water.)
w/ Just me and Lazy Ka
Winds: Winds were light. 1-3 knots both days, with a good blow in the neighborhood of 5 knots Saturday afternoon.
Weather: Morning fog and overcast to afternoon sunshine with temps in the mid 70's.
  View of Lake Berryessa Marina Resort.  (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)Saturday, April 29, 2006
I arrived at the Berryessa Marina Resort on the north-Western end of the lake a little before 10:00 AM and set immediately to rigging Lazy Ka, under overcast skies, for my first day of lake-sailing. As has been my habit on virtually all previous outings, I changed the sail plan still again; this time my lapper served in the leading foresail position with the smaller jib in aft.

Early Saturday afternoon view of the "Oh so green" Lake Berryessa Eastern shore. (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)On the water For more light air practice to less than 3 knot breezes most of the day. The water level on the lake seemed high, a result of the weeks of heavy rain northern California has received. This opinion was further evidenced by the "Launch Ramp Closed" sign that greeted me at the front gate to the marina. I later learned that ramp and adjacent parking lot had been totally flooded during the previous week; this This show-boater could be heard for miles as well as seen!  (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)was the first weekend of operation for the resort this season. The surround hills were unseasonably green. Generally, by the end of April a combination of sun and CLICK for a larger map.wind has dried the grass in the hills to the golden brown that is the norm for most of the year. The longer growing season means taller grass that is seen as more green and the likelihood of a bigger fire season come Summer.

I shared the lake with several power boats and Some smaller fishing vessels trying to catch the many fish seen jumping at regular intervals. This was my first visit to Lake Berryessa in a little over 40 years; I remember the lake as being very rough from the wakes raised by all the power boat activity. But this day, in the open waters of the north end of the lake, I only found objection with the occasional ultra-noisy boat that would rattle the brain and could be heard for miles over the water. The good news is that this was the exception rather than the rule.

Mid afternoon the winds kicked up a bit and brought out two more sail boats; Lazy Ka and I were no longer alone. Feeling confidence generated by the added blow and the lead of what I thought to be more experienced local sailors, IGot wind in the afternoon (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) tacked a course toward the South on the East side of the lakes islands. Following the lead, I circumnavigated the islands before dark. As dusk started to turn toward night, I fired up my outboard to motor the last couple of hundred yards back to the dock.

By 9:00 PM I was nestled into my bunk aboard Lazy Ka . . . another first, and practice for next weeks Potter Yachter overnight on the delta.

Sunday, April 30, 2006Light air before Sunday morning breakfast and flooded islands on Lake Berryessa. (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)
What a wonderful night . . . and what a wonderful way to spend it! I woke on several occasions, to the sounds of the water on the lake and the stars overhead. The night was clear. I could reach up from my bunk and open the companionway slider to improve my view, or close it to shelter me from the morning dew.

I woke a little before 6:00 AM to a light breeze; enough to move the flags on the neighboring dock, and I thought enough to move my little Lazy Ka a bit as well. By 5:30 I had cast off under sail power and was sailing along slowly with the lake all to myself . . . so quiet and peaceful; just the sounds of the water, jumping fish, and birds on the nearby islands to theSun protection was called for as the afternoon set in.  (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) South . . . a delightful morning sail.

I had been told that the resort store would open at 8:00 AM and would have coffee available; I returned, got a cup, and set out for the day. With a consistent 3-knot breeze, I decide to tack my way toward the south end of the lake on the hope that I would see more wind later in the day. My sail down the lake was every bit as enjoyable as Saturday, until the wind died at about 1:30 PM. After drifting around for over an hour, I decided to call it a day, motor back to the marina, haul out and head for home.