Date: Sunday, May 14, 2006
Event: Solo sail Out of Emeryville for San Francisco Waterfront and South Beach for a check-n at AT & T Park; 8:45:00 AM to 6:00 PM (9.25 hrs on the water.) I covered an estimated 15 miles for the day.
w/ N/A.
Winds: Winds ran the gamut from no wind in the early morning, to 15-20 knots off Aquatic Park.
Weather: Couldn't ask for better conditions. Cirrus clouds prevailed all day.
  An early start from home and record set-up time for Lazy Ka got me on the water before 9:00 AM. For the lack of decent wind and an incoming tide, I Motor-The San Francisco skyline with Hornblower bay cruse boats at the ready for a busy Mother's Day schedule, May 14, 2006.(Photo: Jerry Kergan)sailed the first couple of miles, into the central bay, beyond Treasure Island. Sport fishing boats were out in force, but only a handful of sailboats were evident west of Angel Island, in the vicinity of Richardson's Bay. I had hopes of making for Angel Island early and doubling back to the San Francisco waterfront from the north, but conditions as they were, I decided to conserve the fuel an head toward the city direct.

Crossing between Treasure Island and the waterfront on the tide, I was carried a bit south making for an The San Francisco Belle headed out for Mother's Day 2006 (Photo: Jerry Kergan)approach in the vicinity of pier 23. Light winds made for a pleasant sail northward as I tacked along the waterfront. Sights included the very active Hornblower bay cruise boats (it's Mother's Day,) a couple of Canadian Maritime Coastal Defense Vessels (HMCS Brandon,) Canadian Maritime Coastal Defense Vessels (HMCS Brandon) visiting San Francisco, Mother's Day, May 14, 2006 (Photo: Jerry Kergan)and the cruise ship Seven Seas Mariner which was being docked as I rounded T.I.

A t pier 45 I sailed past the WWII museum ships, the USS Pampanito (SS-383,) and the Jeremiah O'Brien. As I reached Aquatic Park and the Hyde Street Pier, I encountered a problem; in the building winds my main sheet pulled free of the securing cleat and unthreaded from the blocks on the boom. I managed to handle the boom by had well enough to back-track a couple of hundred yards to the protection of the USS Jeremiah O'Brien to rethread the sheet . . . all the while dodging Blue And Gold ferry traffic going in and out of their terminal at Fishermen's Wharf. My lesson for the day . . . I got to always keep my sheet together!

A little after 2:00 PM I put the wind to my back, and set a course south, under the Bay Bridge and China Basin (aka McCovey Cove) for a look a the goings on there. A Boom Vang has been on my Lazy Ka list of needs for some time; with 20 knot winds coming over the stern, I really see the importance of, and will be moving it up to the head of the list.

Sailing under the San Francisco end of the Bay Bridge on Mother's Day, May 14, 2006 (Photo: Jerry Kergan)As I turned southerly toward the Bay Bridge, I found less wind from the shelter of the city's hills and tall buildings. I swung my bow in a direction taking me further off-shore to compensate, and pressed on to China Basin Outside AT & T Park, the Baseball recovery fleet on China Basin (aka McCovey Cove) (Photo: Jerry Kergan)where I found numerous boats of all sizes gathered in the hope of rescuing Barry Bonds Babe Ruth tying homerun hit from the waves. The Roar of Mother's Day sell-out crowd (LA Dodgers (6)-San Francisco (3)) Could easily be heard over the boat parties in the cove. I sailed into China Basin until the aquatic congestion became too great to safely maneuver, then turned into the bay cutting a course to cross south of Yerba Buena Island and on to Emeryville Marina.