Date: Saturday May 27, 2006
Event: Richmond Marina. 10:45 AM to 2:30 PM (3.5 hrs on the water.)
w/ Just Lazy Ka, me and daughter Jen as first mate.
Winds: 4 to 20+ knots
Weather: Part clouds with mostly blue skies.
  Jennifer Kergan on "Lazy Ka" for the first time, May 27, 2006 (Photo: Jerry Kergan)Today was a landmark outing in that my daughter Jennifer consented to go along for the first time. Early-on, and under the advice of several of my Potter cronies, I had decided to make sure that I was comfortable with my sailing skills before asking Jen to join me. Today we did it.

And a wonderful day it was. We Sailed out of Richmond Marina with a planned destination of Loch Lomond, across the bay in Marin County. 4-5 knot winds greeted us just out of the marina, so I went under sail immediately. Initially, good headway was made into the in-coming tide and winds. As the currents became overpowering, I switched to motor out to the jetty where we found a constant blow of 8-10 knots . . . we were on our way!Museum ship, Red Oak Victory, undergoing restoration at Richmond.  (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Winds continued to build over the next hour, and we found ourselves in 20 knots in the center of the bay. Wanting to keep this a totally positive experience for Jen, I decided discretion the better part of valor, and set a course back toward the marina on the promise of an early dinner out in Richmond. San Francisco high-rise buildings from inside the Richmond, CA, jetty (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

This was also my first sail in high winds with another body aboard. The added 'ballast' makes a noticeable difference in P-15 balance once cockpit traffic issues are resolved with the crew. For the most-part, Jen handled herself wonderfully, and I expect is going to take to this sailing thing as she gets a little more experience under he belt.