Date: Sunday June 11, 2006
Event: Richmond Marina to Loch Lomond for lunch (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; 5 hrs sailing time)
w/ Don Person & guest Brian Winters on "Sarah Anne; Pat Brennan joined me as crew on Lazy Ka.
  Float Plan for the Day (Sunday, June 6, 2006)This day was without a doubt the most exciting day of Potter sailing experienced to date. And like the windy conditions last Saturday at Woodward Reservoir, contributed much to my appreciation for the my little P-15.

I arrived at Richmond Marina at about 7:30 AM to allow plenty of time for a leisurely set-up of Lazy Ka. Winds in the 20 knot range were forecast, so I wanted to rig my Jiffy Reefing system for the first time, and make sure that I was familiar with it’s operation. I also needed to patch a small hole in the lower panel of my main sail.

Don Person had called me Friday evening to confirm that I would be making the trip, Pat Brennan’s “Eaglet” was down for a broken trailer spring, and was looking for a ride; I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to glean a little something from Pat’s experience. When Don showed up at the marina, he had a guest, Brian Winters, who would be sailing with us for the day as well.
We were launched and away from the dock promptly at 10:00 AM. As has been my experience out of Richmond in the past, we had to motor out past the jetty to get beyond the effects of unfavorable winds and tides. But once we made open water, it was a great day of sailing.
Don Person & Brian Winters aboard "Sarah Anne" with Dave Meredith on his Com-Pac C-19 on San Francisco Bay (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

An hour and a half out of Richmond, after we’d past under the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, Dave Meredith joined up in his Com-Pac C-19 and sailed on with us into Loch Lomond.

From the effects of the incoming current, Pat and I found ourselves north-east of East Marin Island and unable to point high enough on the wind to make it to the channel by way of the east end of the island. Rather than tack, we decided to sail north of East Marin and chance the shallow waters in the vicinity, and make the channel on a course between East and The Birds of West Marin Island, Sunday, June 6, 2006 (Photo: Don Person)West Marin Islands. The plan worked, and we enjoyed the hundreds of Egrets and Herons nesting on the leeward side (North) of East Marin.

At Loch Lomond a delight full lunch of fish & chips was enjoyed; the reason the the Potter community chooses this as a destination so often.

Don Person & "Sarah Anne" coming from behind the blooms od East Marin Island, Sunday, June 6, 2006 (Photo: Jerry Kergan)Back on the water, Don and Brian set a course north of the Marin islands to catch a view of the birds. Pat and I beat it to the north side. It was a roller coaster ride with afternoon winds of 20+ knots (gusting to 25) pushing swells of 2-3 feet. With Pat Brennan at the tiller of Lazy Ka, I managed to attend to my camera and got a few pictures of Don Person riding the waves. Pat even lost his hat to gust; a situation that we took advantage of to execute a man overboard drill to recover his hat. It's sailing in conditions like this that further confirm my decision to Potter.

Don Person & Brian Winters showing air under the bow of "Sarah Anne" (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Don Person & Brian Winters reefed down and riding low on "Sarah Anne" (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Don Person & Brian Winters reefed down and riding low on "Sarah Anne" (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Don Person & Brian Winters drive the bow of "Sarah Anne" into the waves of San Francisco Bay (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Don Person & Brian Winters hunkered down aboard "Sarah Anne" on San Francisco Bay (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Don Person & Brian Winters hunkered down aboard "Sarah Anne" on San Francisco Bay (Photo: Jerry Kergan)

Mid-bay on our homeward leg, Pat and I are sailing along enjoying good conversation, the vistas, and other boats around us; we realize that we’re the only boat not yet reefed—is there something we don’t know? We briefly considered reefing, only to reject the thought as there was no feeling of discomfort or lack of control of Lazy ka. We sailed on.

All during our adventure yesterday, Pet Brennan kept repeating himself, saying; "The Potter is a dry boat". "The Potter is a dry boat". I've got to tell you we got soaked!

At one point Pat dips the leeward rail of Lazy Ka below the water just long enough to pour about a half gallon of 55 degree bay water into the cockpit. I dump the main, and Lazy Ka pops upright. The water then runs forward, across the bridge-deck, and onto the windward side of the boat where we are sitting . Kiaks head into the bay as we return (Photo: Jerry Kergan). . we got more soaked! Nothing like cooling your buns in ice water.

Once inside the protected waters of the Jetty and the Point Richmond hills, the wind and wave action were greatly reduced, making for a most enjoyable sail back to the Richmond dock without the assist of our outboard motor.

Winds: Great winds all day allowed us to sail on reach both ways. Morning winds varied in the 8-15 knot range with gusts. By consensus, afternoon winds were in the 15-20 knot range with gusts to 25 knots. Don confirmed our estimates for the afternoon upon arriving home in the evening.
Weather: Overcast with threatening rain in the morning turned to partly cloudy with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon.