Date: Saturday September 2, 2006
Event: Richmond Marina, Richmond, CA. to Angel Island (10:30 AM to 7:30 PM (7.5 hrs sailing on the water.)
w/ P-15s: Janet and Mike Dolan (Lizzy D, #2571), Pat Morrissy (Toy-Yot, 2432), Steve Potter (Stars # Bars, #2298),
P-19s: John Choi (Jeannie, #1478) and ????'s ????.
Others: Mike Trueman & daughter Tiffany (Montgomery-15,) Dave Meredith (Com-Pac-19)
Winds: Winds 6-8 knots outbound. The surprise of the day was that the expected afternoon big blow in Raccoon Strait never materialized. If anything, winds let up a little for the return voyage.
Weather: Started the day with fog overcast which burned off a little past noon. Had sunshine for our arrival at Angel Island that stayed with us all the way back to Richmond Marina.

I arrived at Richmond Marina at about 7:30 AM to find Mike Trueman already laboring away at getting his Montgomery 15, "Midget," set-up; Mike and I shared conversation on sailing and jazz while I set to rigging "Lazy Ka" and Mike waited for his daughter tiffany to arrive for a day with dad on the bay. By 9:30 our boats were in the water, and we had been joined by Dave Meredith (Com-Pac 19) who had motor-sailed over from his slip at Emeryville to join us.

It was beginning to look like we were going to be a very small fleet this day. The posted destination was taking us back to angel Island; the same location we had diverted to just two weeks prior when we found our fleet too large to be accommodated by Loch Lomond's meager guest slips. Our numbers were further limited by the plan of many of "The Usual Characters" preparing for their now annual trek to sail the Pacific North-West. But as is so often the case with Potter Yachter gatherings, more boats started rolling in, and our numbers doubled to six boats total.Angel Island and Raccoon Strait off the port bow (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

Mike Trueman and Tiffany were first off, a little before 10:30 AM, they were quickly followed by Dave Meredith and my self with the others close behind us by only a few minutes. I motored out a hundred yards or so, and quickly set sails into the 3-4 knot breeze that was blowing up Richmond Channel from the west. I have sailed out of Richmond several times since my first almost ten months ago. Each time, I sailed out the channel into the north bay to set a course to my destination. Today I decided on a different track; Once clear Residents of Buoy #8 basking in the sun (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)of the inner jetty of Richmond Marina's inner bay, I pointed for Berkeley on a reach, sailing south with Brooks Island to my starboard. My plan was to try to make Raccoon Strait on a single change in tack.

Well past Brooks Island, I looked off my stern to see the profile of another P-15 following my different course. Though unrecognizable at first, I soon picked out the familiar pink cast of Steve Potters distinctive sailboard jib. This was a pleasant surprise as Steve was not in evidence at the launching ramp. While keeping one eye on my destination, one eye on Steve and one eye on the sites, I soon lost track of Steve. He just disappeared. My attention then turned to the myriad of spinnakers that I was sailing through . . . there must have been Steve Potter, Janet & Mike Dolan, and Pat Morrisssy continue their search for the best "sail-In" Fish & Chips on the bay (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)50 boats sailing with the tide and the wind at their back for San Pablo Bay to the North. On making my final tack into Raccoon Strait I was pleased to find Steve Potter again bringing up the rear.

As is often the case with best laid plans, I forgot to allow for the incoming tide , and had to cut a couple of additional tacks to make the mouth of the strait. By entry into Raccoon Strait was well calculated as it allowed me to enter Ayala Cove with a single course change within the strait, just off the TiburonMike Trueman and daughter Tiffany aboard Montgomery 15, "Midget," outbound from Ayala Cove, Angel Island (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) peninsula. I went to school on maneuvering the strait on my first visit two weeks ago. I expect that I will get even better on future visits.

Our approach to Raccoon strait saw a building of winds much as had been experienced on our August voyage. We had conversations about how we Mike and Janet Dolan on "Lizzy D" Wing on Wing on Raccoon Strait in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)would each handle the expected blow as we exit the calm of protected Ayala Cove. But today, the entry into the cove went much easier.

All found berthing without mishap, and a good lunch was had in the company of Yachter's and the ever-present Angel Island Yellow Jackets. The Dolans made time to to tour the museum, while others enjoyed The P-15s of the Dolans and Pat Morrissy in the open bay West of Berkeley (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)the good company and the warmth of the late Summer sun.

First on the water for the return voyage was again Mike Trueman and Tiffany (pictured above.) Followed by Dave Meredith, Myself, and the Dolans we all met with the surprise of the day . . . no big blow in Raccoon Strait. Rather a very pleasant 5-8 knot breeze that would bring us all back to the Richmond Channel and Marina without complications.

I entered the Richmond Channel just ahead of of John Choi's "Jennie" motoring back in. John was taking The backlit sails of "Lazy Ka" entering Richmond Channel at the Jetty (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: John Choi)snapshots of "Lazy Ka." I asked John to send me copies . . . well it turned out that he had no pictures of "Jennie" under sail. I told John that if he's raise his sails, I'd take some pictures. I got many good pics . . . John should be happy.

Upon reaching the dock, all pulled out for the drive home. Mike and I had talked about spending the night, but he had changed his mind; I decided to not stay alone, so I headed back out into the bay for another couple of hours by "Lazy Ka" on Richmonda Channel (Saturday, September 2, 2006) (PHOTO: John Choi)myself before coming back in at 7:30 PM , hauling out and heading for home.

A Sunday morning inspection of Lazy Ka revealed a seriously deteriorated wheel Bering. Had i driven much farther, I could expect that I would have lost the wheel all together. My work is cut out for me this next week if a I'm going to make a planed Sunday sail to the Horizons Restaurant in Sausalito.