Date: Wednesday October 25, 2006
Event: Estuary sail out of Grand Street, Alameda, CA. (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (5 hrs on the water.)
w/ As Crew on "Sarah Anne" with Don Person; Terry Gotcher ("John B"); Dave Bacon ("Ah Tiller the Fun"); Pat Brennan ("Eaglet" with Bruce Hood); Steve Chambers ("Waldo" with John Wheeler)
Winds: Winds were very light before lunch, but picked up to a respectable 4-6 knots for our return to the Grand Street Ramp. 
Weather: Clear; Temperatures in the mid 60's to low 70's; shirt-sleeve sailing.
  Course of the Day. October 25, 2006; Oakland Estuary with the Potter Yachter'sIt's been over seven weeks weeks since my last sail. I've been occupied with dedicated daughter-Jen time; mostly chasing west coast appearances of her music friends, the Gemz. I also took a weekend tosee the Blue Angeles and visit with my friend, Rob Reider, who was announcing the Miramar MCAS air show in San Diego. All this busyness, my Ford Explorer tow-vehicle being down for the want of a transmission and significant front-end work, and a Steve Chambers receives a "check-out" on his new Potter 15, "Waldo," from former owner John Wheeler. (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)blown trailer bearing has left me starved to get back on the water.

This day, I dropped in on fellow Potter Yachters at one of their regularly scheduled Wednesday sails on Oakland Estuary with the hope I might catch a ride. Three West Wight Potter P-15s running from the wind on Oakland Estuary (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)Don Person was quick to oblige.

The turnout was bigger than usual with a total of six P-15s on the water and still other skippers joining us for lunch at Quinn's Lighthouse for lunch. Blessed with a bright and clear Fall day, and Don tending to the sailing, I was free to take lots of pictures.