Date: Saturday April 21, 2007
Event: Potter Yachter showing at the Strictly Sail Boat Show at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. (10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 6 hrs on the water.)
w/ P-15s: Ron Bell, Don Person, Dave Kautz, and Ashley Tewman in his Montgomery 15.
Winds: Shifty and light; becalmed a couple of times to 6-10 knots.
Weather: This was another one of those "Do I really want to got sailing with this forecast" kind of days.
  Ron Bell & Don Person make ready for a day of sailaing, Alameda, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)The 30% chance of precipitation for the Oakland Estuary sail of Saturday April 21st, was projected to be a window of partly cloudy weather sandwiched between two 70% days on Friday and Sunday. Or as Don “Pollyanna” Person kept reminding us in the lot, ‘30% chance of rain spins into a 70% chance of no rain.’ So it was that this day was chosen for the Potter Yachters’ sail-by for the Strictly Sail Boat Show at Oakland’s Jack London Square.Potters and Privateer Lynx, Oakland, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

I arrived at the Grand Street lot to find Ron Bell well along at rigging his P-15, Least Tern, for the day. Ron and I chatted as we rigged, to be joined by Don Person and Dave Kautz in short order.

Ron Bell and Dave Kautz sail past the Strictly Sail Boat Show, Oakland, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)As our fleet of four started to launch, Ashley Trewman arrived with his Montgomery 15, swelling our total armada to five. I hung back to keep Ashley company while he rigged; we then put out just after 10:00 AM out to catch up with the others who had headed down the Estuary toward the boat Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant as seen from Brooklyn Basin, Oakland, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)show at Jack London Square and beyond.

I first met Ashley, and his daughter Savanah, following our March 3rd sail. I was introducing friend Mark Erickson to small boat cruising. In talking to Mark about Potters and other options, the Monty-15 was mentioned as another Potter-like small boat. When we returned to Grand Street, there was Ashley and his Monty. Ashley was bemoaning the lack of other folks to sail with . . . I told him I knew of this great club that was open to all trailer sailors . . . he’s been with us ever since.Potters at the dock, Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant, Oakland, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

Through most of the day we were treated to most pleasant conditions with variable winds in the 6-10 knot range interrupted only occasionally by short periods of calm. The partly cloudy skies of the early morning gave way to solid overcast; the skies continued to darken into the mid afternoon.Lunch-time entertainment at Quinn's Lighthouse, Oakland, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

In the vicinity of the boat show, I held back while on the hope of getting a good photo op, while Ashley sailed on to join up with the others. On their return run, past the show-front, my position paid off with good pictures using the show and tall ship Lynx as a backdrop. Ashley Trewman, Oakland Estuary, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

And speaking of Lynx, it looks like we will have several opportunities to see this beauty in action on the bay and Delta (Rio Vista) between now and July 3 when she sets out for Hawaii. Check out the Lynx website at  for her schedule. Pretty boat, Oakland Estuary, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

While Don headed back to the ramp to connect with Dick Herman, the rest sailed for Quinn’s lighthouse for lunch. Ashley and I had brought just in case picnic lunches, and decided to sit aboard his Monty, share a beer, and get to know one another better. And pleasant it was as we were joined by a brood of ducklings that were testing their freedom in what seemed a rather noisy search for mama. All returned to normal when mom flew back in.Rowing practice, Oakland Estuary, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

Following lunch, we all sailed out the channel for the Estuary, Ashley and I turning right toward the show-front once more, while the rest turned back to Grand Street to haul out.

Back at Show-front, our little craft seemed to be getting lots of attention in the form of envious looks from those on the docks. I don’t who was getting the greater pleasure--them or us—as we danced in and out, back and forth, along the waterfront for a closer look. We certainly were greeted by many waves of acknowledgement and plenty of smiles. These greetings included hailings from Robert Sampson on one pass, and Jerry Barrilleaux. on another.

Upon arriving back at the ramp, Ashley and I decided to take one more, short excursion to the South, to the Park Street Bridge and back. This was new territory for me, as I had never sailed past the south end of Government (Coast Guard) Island. We had second thoughts about this decision as we were greeted by raindrops as we landed back at the Grand Street Docks.

The occasional drop turned to a mist as we hauled out; the mist turned to a drizzle as we de-rigged in the lot. By the time we slid behind the wheel for the drive home, we were rather wet. In spite of this final punctuation by Mother Nature, a good time was had by all.