Date: Saturday and Sunday May 26 & 27, 2007
Event: Solo Sail:
Saturday May 26, 2007 - Clear Lake, CA: 8:30 AM to 9:15 PM (11.5 hours on the water) 16 miles
Sunday May 27, 2007 - Lake Berryessa, CA: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (15 hours on the water) 30 miles
Winds: Saturday May 26, 2007 - Clear Lake, CA:
Sunday May 27, 2007 - Lake Berryessa, CA:
Weather: Lazy Ka tied up at Lakeport, CA, in the shadow of Mt Konocti (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)Saturday May 26, 2007 - Clear Lake, CA: Clear with comfortable early morning temp in the mid-60's giving way to the 80's at the height of the day.

Sunday May 27, 2007 - Lake Berryessa, CA: Chilly overcast (morning fog) tomid-50's to near 90 degrees in the mid afternoon. Fog started to roll back in in the late evening bringing with it uncomfortably cold temperatures.


Saturday May 26, 2007 - Clear Lake, CALazy Ka at the Lakeport, CA, docks (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)
I was out of bed early, Oh-dark-thirty-early to be exact, for the almost three hour drive to Lakeport on the northwestern shore of Clear Lake. The darkness of the wee-hour gave way to the light of morning for the best and most scenic part of the drive along Silverado Trail up the Napa Valley, over the shoulder of Mt. Saint Helena and through the Cobb Mountain area of Lake County. With a stop near Cobb for coffee and conversation with a local, I was at the the 3rd Street Launch Ramp at Lakeport at 7:30 AM.

In preparation for the day, I tried to do some online research on Clearlake launch sites, but was only successful in finding locations with little detail. Since my plan included meals at restaurants, I settled on launching from one of the four ramps along the waterfront of the town of Lakeport on the Northwest shore of Howard Arneson's turbine powered off-shore boat (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)the lake. As a back-up plan, I would use the facilities at Clearlake State Park at Kelseyville, a half dozen miles to the south.

What a surprise I found in the downtown launch facilities of Lakeport. The city ha provided any number of facilities to make boating out of Lakeport a pleasurable option. Between the single lane 1st Street ramp and the three-lane 3rd Street ramp lies a city park with picnic tables, play area, swimming beach, and bandstand. The city has provided generous dock space for day use (no overnight) and what seemed more that adequate parking onHoward Arneson's turbine powered off-shore boat (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan) this Memorial day Holiday weekend.

With Lazy Ka in the water, and no winds, I had a little time to poke around and further check out the area. Howard Arneson

Sailing out
visitors (the bugs)

DinnerJoy-ride charter on Clearlake, CA (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)
Park Place Restaurant
50 3RD St
Lakeport, CA 95453-4820

after dinner sail

Buoys to anchor out

Driven off the water by Mosquitoes

Lake Berryessa area mapSunday May 27, 2007 - Lake Berryessa, CA
My midnight drive over the Berryessa Knoxville Road was an adventure in its own right, to say the least. This is one of those backcountry roads that is so low on the maintenance budget that the best it gets is the somewhat regular filling of potholes; there is no painted center-line over the central, most remote parts of the road, and the creek crossings along the route are concrete fords rather than bridges.

Launch siteEarly morning fog encroaches on inland Lake Berryessa (PHOTO: Jerry Kergan)

Good Samaritan

The Party

under the bridge

Sail, then motor return to the ramp

It's dark. had moon, need spotlight

Back at the ramp