Cabin Lights

When I acquired Lazy Ka, she had a single cabin light mounted on the ceiling just aft of the compression post. After a couple of over-niters aboard, I quickly realized that this location presented some problems:

  • The switch on the light assembly was difficult to reach from the cockpit.

  • The location of the light, though more than adequate for rummaging around in the cabin, provided poor light for reading while in the berth.

  • The use of automotive 1156 bulbs generated current consumption concerns for cruses of more that a day or two.

I replaced the single ceiling-mounted fixture with two fixtures mounted on the inside of the bulkhead on either side of the companionway. The new lights are installed so as to orient the switch toward the companionway for easy access from the cockpit. I replaced the 1156 incandescent bulbs with a suitable LED array from ($20.00 ea.) The new light fixtures were found on Ebay for $10.00. The fixtures are mounted to pre-cut wood wafers found at the local Michael's crafts store ($2.00 ea.)

These lights are wired through the "CABIN LT" circuit on my new distribution/service panel. The light fixtures are generally left with the switch ON. To turn the light on and off, for general use, I use the distribution/service panel switch.

The assembly of the light fixtures went very quickly, as did mounting of the assemblies as well. Routing the wires took a bit of time; this time was incorporated into the general electrical refit that I doing at the same time.


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