Cockpit stowage / Boombox Stereo on "Lazy Ka"

I needed a little quick access stowage in the cockpit of Lazy Ka for those little gotta-get-to-em-quick things that we all sail with. The secondary need was for some method of having a little mood music to sail by . . . I love a little classical music or jazz when I'm on the water.

This was an easy project, only taking a couple of hours (including clean-up.)

The boom box Stereo was purchased at Wal-Mart for $30.00 and is MP3 (from CDr) capable. These stereos with MP3 ability have come down in price significantly over this past year, making them very affordable, and the large speakers give this little unit good sound as well. MP3s files allow me to record a full days sailing music onto a single recordable CD so I don't have to juggle the CDs & tiller . . . is that neat or what?

The storage box is a common file-box found at most any stationary/office supply store. I cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the box. The wood is supported by an inner lip that would support hanging file folders for it's intended office application.

The boom box is secured by a "bungee" net found at a local "Everything is Ninety-nine Cents" store.

This was a quick and easy solution that gave me good sounds and helped me keep the cockpit neat and tidy. Could any Skipper ask for more?


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