Mast Crutch Enhancements

I spend too much time unfastening the mast from the crutch (bungies) and removing the crutch from Lazy Ka to be stored on my tow-car while sailing. Likewise, reinstallation of the crutch is cumbersome with much time wasted gathering up all the assorted components, and putting them back in place.

Streamline the processes so that all the necessary parts remain connected to the crutch when it is removed. 

Project time: 30 minutes total.

1 Hair Pin Cotter ($.20 ea)
4" of Brass Plummer's Chain ($1.80 per foot)
1 count 1" hose clamps ($1.50)
Solder the Hair Pin Cotter to the Plumbers Chain, then fasten the other end of the chain to the Mast Crutch with one of the Hose Clamps

1 1" hose clamps ($1.50)
1 1" welded Ring ($.50)
1 12" Bungee Chord ($1.50)
Pound the Welded Ring into an oval, then fasten the ring to the crutch with the Hose Clamp. Secure the hose clamp at a point far enough down the crutch to insure adequite bungee tention to hold the mast in the crutch.

1 small Ball Bungee (aka bungee strap) ($.80)
The Ball Bungee secures the shrouds to the crutch for transit, and is fastened to the crutch with a small zip-tie

Total Cost: Under $8.00



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