"Lazy Ka" Tiller Extension for Under $10.00

A need for tiller extension that doesn't cost an arm & leg! Typically these extensions sell for $80.00 to $100.00.

This tiller extension is made from a golf club purchased at a local Goodwill Industries store for $3.00--I chose a club with a blue grip to be in keeping with the Red, White and Blue theme of Lazy Ka. The balance of the materials were purchased at a local Ace Hardware store, around the block.

  • First, cut off the head of the golf club (this was the hardest part of the entire process . . . seemed almost a sacrilege.)

  • A short piece of metal 'plumbers strapping' is then bent and formed over the end of the club and secured with four, short, Stainless Steel, self-tapping, sheet metal screws.

  • Three washers were placed inside the strapping to act as a spacer.

  • Finally, I wrapped the exposed strapping and screw-heads with plastic tape as a precaution against any protruding edges.

  • A hole is then drilled in the tiller handle to receive the Lock Pin.



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