Budget Outboard Motor Mounting Bracket for my Trailer.

Where to stow my outboard motor for transit.

My Potter mentor, Don Person, carries his motor in the trunk of his car, a couple carry their motor on the  mounting bracket on their boat's--I'm not crazy about the potential of damage to the transom with 25-30 lbs bouncing out there as I drive down the road. I've seen others who lay the motor in the cockpit of their boat for transport. I can't get excited about laying the motor dawn in transit for dear of finding it lying in a pool of spilt fuel when I arrive at my sailing destination.

This one was easy . . . The materials consist of a scrap of 2" x 6" redwood that I had laying around the house, and a couple of 4" "U" bolts purchased at the local hardware. Once clamped in place, the motor is further secured with a chain & lock, and a couple of bungee chords.


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