Updated:  Wednesday May 02, 2007

As I have posted pictures of my P-15 Lazy Ka to various small boat bulletin boards around the internet I have received several inquiries about the "Cutter" rig  inherited from former owner Gene Heriford of Brookings, OR. The purpose of these pages is to outline the sail plan and provide a few pictures for detail.

Gene Heriford and wife pottering in their "Clipper" rig (Photo: N/A) . . . CLICK for larger imageTo the left is the teaser picture Gene sent by e-mailed of his P-15 under sail with his "Cutter" rig.  I liked the Potter from the first time I saw one, but this beefed up sail-plan sparked my imagination . . . and besides, it looks really good!

Gene is a sailor of some 30 years experience. Living on the Oregon-California border, he is doing most of his sailing on the nearby lakes of both states. And as we all know, Potters are ideal for this kind of application. When I drove up to Brookings to pick up my boat, Gene already had his replacement Montgomery-17 sitting in his driveway.

One last note before you move on:
Several of the images on these pages are clickable links to larger detailed pictures. And feel free to drop me an e-mail should these pages generate unanswered questions.