My Critique:
It only took me a couple of outings to conclude that Gene's plan was a little cumbersome for my taste. It quickly became apparent that it was imposable to trim the Jib without disturbing the Foresail and vise versa. This resulted in much tweaking of the sheets.

To further complicate things, the Jib Sheets would bind or hang up as they ran through the handrail, complicating sail trimming even more.

I didn't notice any significant improvement in overall performance with the added sail, though in light air conditions--and we get 'em here on San Francisco bay this time of year--I did notice a modest gain. The rig sails quite neatly on a reach, or close hauled. But as I turn down wind from a broad reach, I am finding it best to furl in the Foresail early.

The furlers are a Godsend. They make the added sail manipulation much easier, adding to the overall enjoyment. I could envision an alternative rig working just as well; a hanked on Jib and a furler on the Foresail only. These Harken Small Boat Furlers are relatively inexpensive at at well under $200.00 ($150.00 at West Marine, and less at other online sources.) I don't think that I'd want to sail the rig without a furler on either sail.

If you are considering giving this a try, remember that you will need sails with a luff wire to use the furlers. This can add significantly to the cost of a retrofit.