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(Folk Era Records FE5271CD)

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In late 1964, after having spent the previous six years as the top recording act for Capitol Records, The Kingston Trio - Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and John Stewart - were signed by Decca Records. Their first LP for that label, THE KINGSTON TRIO - NICK, BOB, JOHN, was released on December 7. Shortly thereafter it reached the top 100 album chart, an impressive feat in the face of the so called "British invasion" of popular music which was then relentlessly sweeping aside all other genres of popular music.

Now, nearly thirty years later, the enduring popularity of the album, THE KINGSTON TRIO - NICK, BOB, JOHN, and of the Kingston Trio as an act, have resulted in the album being re-issued on compact disk and cassette. A further enhancement of its appeal to the many fans who have avidly awaited its re-issue is that two previously unreleased songs have been added to the album. They are an alternative rendition of "Long Time Blue" and the John Stewart composition "Come Gather the Time." Both were recorded for Decca during the mid-sixties, but for reasons now forgotten, were not released at the time. When you hear them for the first time, you'll realize what a pitty it was, but you'll rejoice in the fact that they can now be heard.

Despite the enthusiastic reaction of Kingston Trio fans to the initial release of this album in 1964, many felt that it lacked the sound quality of the Kingston Trio albums that had been recorded at Capitol Records. Believing there may have been something to this, we arranged to have the master tapes for this album re-mastered and digitized at Capitol Records by the same engineer who re-mastered and digitized most of Capitol's CD re-issues of Kingston Trio songs. He also used Capitol's famous echo chambers and added that same small amount of echo that Capitol added to their Kingston Trio albums. We think that you'll agree that this was a good move. To the already fantastic sound of the Kingston Trio, there has been added that little "sparkle" that makes this album really shine.

It is our hope and intention that this album will be but the first of several CD and cassette re-issues of the Decca Kingston Trio material. We thank you for your support of those efforts by having purchased this album, and we look forward to having your support for our future efforts. - Allan Shaw

Rainbow Records was recently formed to promote the classic music of the sixties, primarily popular folk music, and is particularly excited about having its first effort be this particular Kingston Trio alum. Company founder Ron Wise lists this album as being his favorite of the Decca Kingston Trio albums and is looking forward to being involved with many more similar projects.

Folk Era is a record label specializing in the music of the "Folk Era," that period from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties during which folk and folk-based was at the top of the charts. Several of the albums on the Folk Era label are of material originally recorded during the folk era. Others are of acts that were first popular during that time and are still performing and recording today. Still others are of contemporary acts which are currently performing and recording music of the type or in a style that is typical or reminiscent of what thought of as "Folk Era music."

Among the acts with full-length albums on Folk Era are the Kingston Trio, the Limeliters, the Clancy Brothers & Robbie O'Connell, Dick Weisman (originally with the Journeymen), the MFQ, the Shaw Brothers (who were originally known as the Brandywine Singers), the Northeast Winds, the Old Time Radio Gang, and the White Mountain Singers.

Folk Era also released several "various artists" albums containing songs by several of these acts as well as Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds (both of the original Kingston Trio), John Stewart (who was also with the Kingston Trio), Johnny Casy and Robbie O'Connell.

Axtec Corporation also publishes POPULAR FOLK MUSIC TODAY, a quarterly newspaper devoted to popular folk music and the acts that are making it happen today, not only those who record on Folk Era, but also any that are currently touring and recording. No other publication provides the depth or breadth of coverage of this type of music and the acts that are making it, in person and in the recording studio. If you're into the types of music that got started in the Folk Era, you're going to be wanting to receive POPULAR FOLK MUSIC TODAY.

In addition to producing albums on the Folk Era label and publishing POPULAR FOLK MUSIC TODAY, Aztec Corporation also has available the KINGSTON TRIO ON RECORD, a 276-page book detailing the Kingston Trio's recording history and containing dozens of photographs of the Trio and it's members.

The book also contains interviews with Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds, a forward written by Nick Reynolds and an epilogue written by John Stewart. There is also an extensive discography listing every song known to have been recorded by the Trio. If you are (or know) a devoted Kingston Trio fan, this book is a must!

Folk Era albums can be found at most fine record stores. For a complete listing of Folk Era and other popular folk music albums, information on subscribing to POPULAR FOLK MUSIC TODAY, and where to find THE KINGSTON ON RECORD book call or write:

Rediscover Music
6 So. 230 Cohasset Rd. Naperville, IL 60540-3535
(708) 305-0770


Produced By: Allen Shaw for Folk Era Productions Div. of Aztec Corporation
Executive Producer: Ronald B. Wise for Rainbow Records, Inc.
Digital Mastering At: Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA Digital Engineer: Bob Norberg
Original Producer: Frank Werber for Trident Productions
Special Thanks to: Paul Surratt, Alexis Davis and Rhonda Malmlund
Manufactured by: (P) 1991 MCA Records, Inc. Universal City Plaza, CA 91608
Marketed & Distributed By: (c) 1991 Aztec Corporation 6 So. 230 Cohasset Rd. Naperville, IL 60540-3535
Original Cover Photo & Design Courtesy MCA Records, Inc.
Graphics: Ron's Art Unlimited, Inc., Nashua, NH


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