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The Kingston Trio

Nick - Bob - John

Decca Records, THE KINGSTON TRIO: NICK - BOB - JOHN (1964) was the first of four LP albums to be recorded on this label prior to the disbanding of the Trio in June of 1967.
CD Reissue:
Folk Era Records (FE5271CD) Issued NICK - BOB - JOHN on CD in the mid 1990s. As of this writing (August 2001) limited copies remain available on the retail market. 
LP Reissue: HERE WO GO AGAIN remained in general release in various forms around the world for many years. 

Recording Sessions: N/A
Original Release: December 7, 1964.
Confirmed Format(s): LP record (DL4613 (monaural) and DL74613 (stereo)), Open-Reel Tape (2-Track Stereo)), Cassette Tape (Folk Era Records,) CD (Folk Era Records .)

Last revised:March 30, 2006.

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Decca DL4613/74613

Cover: Nick - Bob - John (ST 74-4613)
Decca ST 74-4613


1. Midnight Special 2:07 Arr. & Adopt. By Nick Reynolds / Bob Shane / John Stewart
2. Love's Been Good To Me 3:05 Rod McKuen
3. Poverty Hill 3:22 Fred Hellerman / Fran Minkoff
4. Someday Soon 2:49 Ian Tyson
5. Gotta Travel On 3:18 Paul Clayton
6. Hope You Understand 2:20 John Stewart
7. Little Play Soldiers 2:20 Martin Cooper
8. Love Comes A Trickling Down 2:53 Jonathan Harris
9. My Ramblin' Boy 3:42 Tom Paxton
10. More "Them Poems" 1:42 Mason Williams
11. Farewell (Fare Thee Well My Own True Love) 3:16 Bob Dylan
12. I'm Going Home (California) 2:22 Fred Geis
13. Long Time Blues 2:21 Mason Williams


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Last revised:March 30, 2006.